Why AKPsi?

I chose to join AKPsi to step out of my comfort zone. As a commuter, I felt as though the challenge of making friends and getting involved on campus was a lot trickier. AKPsi showed me that making friends and getting involved doesn’t have to be a challenge. I was welcomed with open arms by a group of complete strangers who turned out to be family within just a few weeks of joining the fraternity. As a commuter, this meant so much to me, since I really didn’t form any friendships with anyone on campus prior to joining AKPsi. I met my best friends through this fraternity and that is something I am forever grateful for.

Another invaluable thing this fraternity gave me was confidence and solid professional skills. I learned how to conduct myself in a professional setting and learned how to conquer some of the greatest challenges we may face in the professional world. Now that I work full time, I realize that plenty of what I apply to my job has been given to me through AKPsi. My confidence in the workplace definitely stems from being a brother of this fraternity. The support and knowledge AKPsi has given to me will definitely help me reach my career goals and will maybe even inspire me to open my own fashion company someday. Joining AKPsi was one of the greatest decisions I made in college.

Dana White, Zeta Class

Graduated 2018