Why AKPsi?

I wanted to get involved and help bring AKPsi to Ramapo because I believed in the students at the school. Simply put, Ramapo isn’t a bad school and I felt AKPsi could help get that point across. By getting this much larger network to have a chapter at Ramapo, I knew we were taking steps to legitimize the students.

For the future members of AKPsi the organization was going to be a balance between business and pleasure that is reflected in the working world. Our early motto was to have fun and get a solid job. I didn’t want to deal with the mindless social aspects of a traditional fraternity nor did I want just a limited professional club experience. I wanted something different, a blend of the

Personally, I didn’t expect to get much out of AKPsi myself. My goal was to help others who wanted more. To my own surprise I actually took a lot back from my experience. The challenges tackled and the friends I made are still relevant today as I thrive through my life. 5 stars.

– KLove

akpsi chi upsilon president kevin demaio

Kevin DeMaio, Founder Class

Graduated 2015