Why AKPsi?

For some people, transferring to a new school as a junior can be a daunting idea. While others had their freshman and sophomore year to adjust to their new setting, transfer student don’t. You’ve lost two years’ worth of potential internships, friends, and overall college experience. So thankfully within the first week of my new life, I was introduced to Alpha Kappa Psi and thought:

“They seem more relaxed, laid back, and goal oriented than any other frat plus having a mentor would make this first semester much smoother."

After going through the meet and greet process, I was able to secure a bid. Not too long after, I was introduced to the class I would go through my process with. Then a little later I was introduced to my Big. He definitely was the mentor I needed and wanted. From drilling me on the education material and helping me on my school material, to going to late night with me and inviting me to the Linden Coffeehouse we spent countless hours together. My Big, the Beta class, and the Chapter as a whole helped me adapt to this new strange life.

I’ve made friends that I still communicate with, I was able to acquire my first ‘adult’ job during my last semester of college, and I even visit the Brothers in different states. I’m thankful to take part in such a unique experience.

Sam Santos, Beta Class

Graduated 2016