Why AKPsi?

Read about the experiences of brotherhood in Alpha Kappa Psi professional fraternity, directly from our brothers

For some people, transferring to a new school as a junior can be a daunting idea. While others had their freshman and sophomore year to adjust to their new setting, transfer student don’t. You’ve lost two years’ worth of potential internships, friends, and overall college experience. So thankfully within the first week of my new life, I was introduced to Alpha Kappa Psi […]

Sam Santos, Beta Class

Personally, I didn’t expect to get much out of AKPsi myself. My goal was to help others who wanted more. To my own surprise I actually took a lot back from my experience. The challenges tackled and the friends I made are still relevant today as I thrive through my life. […]

Kevin DeMaio, Founder Class

I chose to join AKPsi to step out of my comfort zone. As a commuter, I felt as though the challenge of making friends and getting involved on campus was a lot trickier. AKPsi showed me that making friends and getting involved doesn’t have to be a challenge. […]

Dana White, Zeta Class